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Xailer documentation includes a complete reference guide. Furthermore from our pages Web on the support section you may download that reference guide in PDF format. The documentation is given in English and Spanish.

Despite, any additional documentation is welcome and we believe that a Xailer programming guide is also necessary, at least for Xailer beginners. Further information of Harbour and xHarbour mainly on all those areas that have enhance CA-Clipper is also welcome. The purpose of this Wiki is to fix this documentation lacks.

Interest areas:

For those of you that are searching for CA-Clipper documentation I recommend this link:

We would like to count with the participation of all of you and we thank you in advance for that. Any contribution is welcome, even a simple script, with or without errors, doesn't matter.

Our native language is Spanish as you surely have noticed, any help on translating this pages into English is really welcome. We also will appreciate the correction of any typo or bad English (spanglish) you may find.

In order to create or edit pages is necessary to be registered on the Wiki, we have done it this way only to avoid 'spam'. We hope it will not be a problem for any of you.

Best regards,

[Xailer team]

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